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5 Reasons Why You Need Our Course

1. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or social status the UK will be facing a crisis with mental health following the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of people have lost their lives, families left grieving, public sector workers suffering from burn out, depression, stress and anxiety. Societies and communities left dealing with the aftermath of unemployment, closure of shops, restaurants, pubs and clubs, families distanced from each other for weeks and months, put simply it will take possibly years to recover. The ability to have meaningful, open, honest and caring listening and communication skills has never been more important.     


2. The Flashlight Project gives reassurance, comfort and the ability to understand conversations with respect and decency. We have conversations every day of the week, but do we truly listen, do we honestly communicate how we are feeling in fear it might upset people we care and love, or alternatively do people hide their emotions from you in case they upset or offend you. These situations are not healthy even more so in today's world. 


3. Having good listening and good communications skills will enhance your life, bring meaningful purpose to everyday conversations and you will be become more confident in tackling and handling issues that could ultimately save someones life by recognising danger signals that are often misplaced. 


4. Domestic violence is worryingly on the increase, more children in poverty and despair. Never has there been a more important time not only to understand the issues of mental health but know that someone your in conversation with is actually in a crisis. 



5. The Flashlight Project will take you through the 12 modules stage by stage. As you learn to use the communication tools it will become evident how much more valuable the conversations become so you can take the right course of action, offer the right support and do so calmly and with compassion. For the price of £29.99 this course offers you a lifetime of purposeful conversation, the ability to assess risk, understand mental health but above all protect your family, friends and colleagues.


Why are meaningful conversations important

Research has shown that people with mental health problems are stigmatized largely due to the perception of dangerousness, benevolence, fear and authoritarianism. The consequences are that people will hide their mental health problems at work, applying for promotion, applying for housing, loans, talking to friends or relatives. If there is a real fear of rejection or lack of empathy or sympathy  people will not open up and talk simply because of the potential consequences therefore we aim to teach you how to assist somebody's self doubt by having a reasuring conversation. 

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