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Who's Triggering The Insanity

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

The Father of one of the El Paso massacres Gilbert Anchondo has made a truly stunning and inspirational announcement when he said just hours after the incident " the aggressor could be my son, he says" I forgive him because he was not in his senses. He had the devil inside him, I'm a great believer and I forgive what he did".

Compare that statement to that of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, the most powerful politician on earth who decided to lay the blame fairly and squarely on the mentally ill. After the El Paso shooting Trump stated "mental illness and hatred pulled the trigger" The two statements and positions are remarkably indifferent and raises obvious and important questions. Well, no right sane person would carry out such an attack that was full of hate. So the President absolutely nailed that argument as simplistic as it maybe.

Perhaps when the dust has settled after yet another daily massacre on the streets of the U.S how can the 'land of the free' allow people who are classed as mentally unwell by the president of the United States have access to assault weapons, produced and manufactured with one intention only, to produce such brutal fire power that then in the wrong hands become 'weapons of mass destruction'. The right to 'bare arms' is the cornerstone of this debate, the 2nd amendment, upheld by the so called 'sane' to protect the very liberties and freedoms of society. Why is it that it is only after the daily massacre that the assailant is labelled 'insane' but just hours before each massacre these very same perpetrators were law abiding citizens of the free world. The second amendment and the constitution is defended by many associations including the gun lobbies. It could be argued that these organisations have more power and persuasion than the President himself. Some of these organisations believe and uphold the 'moral principles' that U.S citizens should be able to protect themselves with multiple assault rifles, machine guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition on the production of an identity card or driving licence.

According to reports there are more guns in America than citizens, if that's the case then are they actually living in the land of the free, and if so, exactly free from what? If the 'psychologically sane' are right and including the peoples elected president then how can the mentally ill have access to these weapons of mass destruction. Nobody rational enough could argue that these citizens actually and lawfully purchased these weapons when they were mentally unwell or were allowed to keep them once the state became aware of mental health issues. Perhaps the next parent will forgive 'The United States' itself who have provided free access to assault rifles and placed them into the hands of the 'sane' but who are only labelled insane after each daily atrocity There are now millions of Americans calling for gun control, tighter laws, more research into each application before purchase, but these are outweighed by the majority who are calling for even more weapons of mass destruction to be made available and they use the second amendment as the cornerstone of the debate. Perhaps it's time that someone questions the psychological state of the so called 'sane'.

Or are they allowed to do so? A Health & Human Services (HHS) directive dated 5th August 2019 warned communications staffers not to post anything on social media related to mental health, violence or mass shootings without prior approval. That statement alarmed some Government & Mental Health Experts who said they felt muzzled at a moment when many Americans were searching for answers to the epidemic of mass shootings. (What happened to the land of the free and free-speech). Many researchers & mental health experts said Trump's comments contradicted well-established research which found most studies of mass shootings have found that no more than a quarter of the perpetrators had a diagnosed mental illness. In layman's language that means 75% were deemed sane and were lawfully and constitutionally allowed to 'bare arms'.

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