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By 2024 the Conservatives want to bring in a minimum wage of £10.39 per hour. Labour argue they want the £10.00 minimum wage to be brought in by 2020. The average wage for someone suffering from mental health is that they are likely to receive less than £200 per week for their full time employment, I know, its scandalous and says something about the employer/owner of the business. I am not sure why I would want to wait another 4/5 years to be treated respect and decency and earn a decent crust, £10.39 in 2024 will probably have the same meaningless wage today. Labours pledge is interesting in my view for two reasons if they keep to their manifesto pledge, and let's be honest what political party ever does. Buy if my wages went up next year by £1 per hour I would earn another £44.00 per week and on a four week month £176, over a 52 week year that would increase my income by a further £2,288, obviously the Government would then have its fair share.

Without any suggestion of doubt people on low wages will suffer from more physical and mental health problems, more stress, worry, poor diet, exercise and social poverty. There are economic costs to the employer about funding higher wages, if a company employ's ten staff that economic cost would be £22,880 pound plus. The numbers would be even more freighting if you employed 100/200/1,000, 10,000 plus.

However, oh my days, yes, it's a however, having researched and looked at all the evidence I disagree with employers and politicians who seem to believe that taking the majority of society (service users & the working man) incidentally the backbone of the United Kingdom is morally and socially acceptable and that we should be grateful and bow our heads with gratitude.

Forget, £10.39 in five years or £10.00 hour from Labour in 2020, what about the Humane Wage Packet, lets pay staff a minimum of £12.00 per hour across the board and regardless whether your 16 or 21. Can you imagine the impact that would have on someone earning £9 per hour based on a 44 hour week, it's an annual wage increase of £6,864. Now that is life changing money, less poverty, less social care benefits, improved standards of life, better physical and mental health and the majority of the working class strata can actually enjoy life rather than be in constant despair and never ending fear.

The Human Wage, is the only wage in modern Britain. A 'humane and free country' does not exploit the few and knowingly keep them on the bread line whilst the few cream of the riches. Yes, I totally agree that employers have worked hard and have probably staked vast amounts of capital into projects and businesses, but can they look their employees in the face with honesty, integrity, self respect and honour. I have heard and listened to the arguments that rents, food prices, petrol prices will go up, bla bla bla, but that's boring drivel from the rich to protect their nest eggs. And one last and final point, I am disgusted that the majority have not risen in arms, 'what's wrong with you people', wake up and demand a humane wage from a 'humane country' well allegedly anyway?

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