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Let us be clear, our message is all the same, yet we develop our design simply to help you learn and to attract you to our methods of changing lives.

A method that's been working for over 20-40 years.


This course can be downloaded on any device such as an iPad, iPhone, smartphone, android phone, Macbook, any device as a pdf file. We can email you the document through either email or your account on this website.


- Free membership is given with every purchase -

  • Catch up's Via social media or phone call
  • Exercises for you and your family at home during lock down and weekends
  • You will understand your family and friends more
  • This is age-appropriate for most ages when learning with adult supervision therefore the minimum age of independent learning is only suitable for 15+.


Congratulations making it this far, Talk soon!


Online Mental Health Course

  • Welcome to your new superpower and I hope these new and improved skills help you in ways words can not describe.

    We are super excited for your journey and we can't wait to hear from you, make sure to keep in touch with our team and book a call!

    See you on the other side 📱🖤 

  • Soon as payment has been taken I will email you (using the email address you signed up with) to arrange a phone call within a few days to keep you on board and on tack with the modules! 

    I hope to speak to you very soon!

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