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In The Dark

Covid-19 Statement 
The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought intense and stressful situations both at home and at work. Never has there been a more relevant time to under take The Flashlight Project Course. Many families and work colleagues struggle with the amount of hours they have on their hands with either being furloughed, children off school and struggling to hold meaningful and purposeful conversations. The Flashlight Project enlightens participants to understand the value and art of body language and the ability to listen effectively. 

Online Mental Health Course

The Flashlight Course is aimed to provide members of the public the necessary skills to understand mental health better within their family, circle of friends & work colleagues. Our Intermediate Course covers 12 modules that can be completed in your own time and is available for LIFE. Our 2 day workshop provided by the Flashlight Project on Communication Skills, Role Play & Risk Assessment.

Why you should take our course 

We made this course to ensure members of the public how to have conversations in a time of crisis.

A wall of mental health will hit this country over the coming months as people struggle to come to terms with, isolation, distancing from family and loved ones, closure of shops, restaurants, cafes, restaurants, pubs, loss of hours, wages, dismissed, fear, anxiety, stress and depression. The dedicated workforce’s overstretched, overwhelmed and sadly all those who lost their lives because of the Coronavirus. For those who were already using services, this pandemic may have made their life even more of a daily burden. 


For millions of people across the country who are now isolated, good communication and listening skills have never been so vitally important. Over the coming weeks and months ahead people’s mental health must be taken seriously with love and compassion.

We ask £29.99 for our course of which we aim to raise money for a varity of community interest projects, we also aim to take pressure off the NHS. 

#Covid-19 #Coronavirus 


How is your relationship with your children? Honestly? How often do you truly feel that you have a meaningful and compassionate conversation with your kids?

- Everybody 



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2 Day Workshop

Hopefully in March 2021 we will be able to resume our workshops and look forward to seeing all of our Flashlighters then

Coming Soon
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